Safely Back to School

Ensuring Our Campus is a Safe Place to Learn

We are excited to have students and staff back on campus!

We've been working hard to protect the safety of students, staff, and teachers from COVID-19. With guidance from the Ministry of Education (MOE), we have implemented a plan to prevent the spread of illness among our community.

The plan includes the following:

  • Disinfecting and ventilating the school facility multiple times per day and robust weekly cleaning of the campus
  • Limiting campus access to staff and students only
  • COVID-19 negative results for all staff before school begins and all students ages 12+
  • Documenting recent travel history for all students, staff, and households in the community per MOE guidelines
  • Checking temperatures for all students and staff upon arrival
  • Ensuring adequate social distancing during the day
  • Creating safe learning zones or “bubbles” by grade level or at the secondary level, by middle school and high school to reduce travel and contact with additional people.
  • Creating a safe isolation area for anyone who becomes sick during the school day on both campuses
  • Extra supply of necessary PPE, sanitization stations and cleaning supplies
  • Ongoing monitoring of the pandemic situation worldwide and its impact on our community


Parents will need to provide the following information before they are permitted onto the campus:

  1. A Green Pass on your Al Hosn App.
  2. If not vaccinated - a negative PCR test no older than 48 hours. In which case you will have a Grey Pass on your Al Hosn App.
Will students be required to wear a mask on campus?
The current requirements are that all students will come to and leave school wearing a mask and only the KG students may remove their mask in the classroom. All staff will wear masks.
Will lunches be served on campus?
At this time, there will not be canteen service and all students must bring their own water and food.
May parents or guests come on campus?
At this time, only staff and students may come on campus during the specified days/hours selected.
How can I meet with my child’s teacher?
At this time, you are not able to meet with your child’s teacher in person, but may choose an online Zoom appointment by emailing the teacher or contacting the school by phone to set up an appointment.
What will be the procedure if a student becomes ill during the school day?
If a student becomes ill with a headache, cough, nausea or fever (>37.3C), the student will be escorted to an isolation room adjacent to the clinic and the medical staff will provide care and communication to the family to be picked up and if deemed required go to take a COVID-19 PCR Test. The teacher and other students will temporarily move to a different location until the classroom has been cleaned and disinfected.
Will busing service be provided?
Currently due to the restrictions, busing will not be provided regularly. Very limited service is available for selected areas of town only.
What will be the procedure if a student is not permitted to attend face-to-face instruction because of illness or quarantine restrictions?
Adjustments will be made with the teacher and administration to ensure the student can study online during the required time away.